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Linda Miller-Dowie, LCSW

Here's what our clients are saying...
"Excellent therapist, best I have ever had!  Excellent, knowledgable, trustworthy, Linda has helped me immensely!   SY

I had treatment for water phobia. I have suffered with this fear for many, many years. My therapist ( Linda) was amazing, she is professional, friendly and has a wonderful sense of humor. I felt very comfortable and safe in her capable hands. The over all experience was great. My husband and have recently been on a sailing vacation. I had absolutely no fear of the water and although I can not swim, managed to snorkel.  KS

“Linda and I laughed out loud today when I shared with her I thought she was a cross between a German Shepherd and an Angel. Her sense of humor, passion for her work and her love of life have inspired me to overcome my difficulties to make positive changes in my life. Linda has an incredible gift as a therapist and will always be in my heart”.   RA
"Linda was like a wonderful friend.  She was the love and acceptance I needed in a time of isolation and crisis.  I'm very indebted to her."  TW
     "Yes, there's an abundance of  5's (highest ranking for services) and you earned them all!!  You helped me become a much healthier, balanced person and in doing so saved our marriage.  It's still hard work but we are reaping the rewards.  You are a dear and a saint!" JF
     "Linda helped me back to living a meaningful and real life again.  I love her dearly as a friend, mentor and sister in the Lord."  R.M.
  "I like Linda a lot and she does a wonderful job and is genuine with her patients.  She cares for you very much." J.D.S.
    "Linda, you have helped me so very much!!  . . . . you helped me stop sleepwalking and screaming!!  You are my hero!  You are very easy to talk and share fears or problems with."  DD
    Linda is AWESOME!  This fine therapist tells you the things you need to hear, not what you want to hear. She does so in a manner that shows true compassion and understanding. She has heard it all so don't hold back as I believe she has the ability to spot a fib coming before it is even spoken.... " NF

Like family to me

Linda has been a true blessing in my life since I began seeing her 4 years ago. She is a great counselor and takes the time to get to know you at a very deep level while still providing strong support. She has become an extension of my family and I will forever be grateful for everything she has contributed to my life! Highly recommended!!